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Energy Harvesting Buildings for NGOs Active in Urgent Disaster Recovery Projects

By Timothy Bybee

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We will build a next-generation solar pv and thermal energy harvesting greenhouse that is modular, rapid construction, and can be integrated into retrofit and new construction projects where local food, water and energy production is urgently needed. This system is a building integrated solar and interior waste heat capturing system that allows for reliable, self-sustaining power and thermal energy to be used for water purification, climate management and cold storage. This is a paradigm shifting technology that is far less expensive than conventional construction techniques, and perfect for extreme climates. Our system can take buildings beyond netzero, to energy exporting buildings that provide a positive return on investment. We only work with 'boots on the ground' NGO's active in community restoration and rebuilding, urban farming, landfill and wasteland restoration and low-cost housing and healthcare center construction. Our building integrated pv and solar thermal harvesting systems include building panels, windows, glass curtain walls, roofing systems, canopies, climate controlled greenhouses, and temporary or permanent emergency shelters and NGO distribution centers. The structural integrity and safety of our systems far exceeds that of traditional wood frame, metal or brick and mortor construction methods. Our new construction shelters and buildings are perfect for regions that experience frequent hurricanes, earthquakes, forest fires or floods because they float, and are virtually fire-proof. Our system includes a waterless room-by-room fire suppression system that makes our structures the safest on the market today.


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  • Timothy Bybee



Team Members


  • Lyle Bybee


    Mr. Bybee is a Co-Founder, and Chairman of Lightwave Building Technologies. Lyle has been involved in renewable energy technology research, development and commercialization for nearly three decades. As a lifelong inventor and product designer, Lyle has conceived many of the Company’s proprietary energy harvesting building products, and waste heat recovery systems and power generation systems. Lyle has been an active participant in the advancement of the renewable energy industry for many years, including the American Wind Energy Association, Solar Energy Research Institute, the Texas Renewable Energy Industry Association as well as a founding member of the Green Renewable Energy and Technology Institute. Lyle’s early experiences growing up on a family farm involved all aspects of farm management, from seed selection and germination, to land preparation, sowing and harvesting. Fruit tree crops included cherry, apple and peach orchards as well as annual vegetable and grain crops. Lyle also worked for one of the largest greenhouse nursery operations in Utah that developed several unique fruit tree hybrids suitable for growth colder Northern climates. Lyle also formed a fruit and produce marketing company to supply rural communities and retailers with farm fresh fruits and produce. Lyle’s wide range knowledge of farming and renewable energy systems provided the genesis for the Company’s formation and its proprietary technologies in development. After attending Weber State University for his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration, Lyle relocated to San Diego California to accept a position as the senior merchandiser of the rapidly growing Levitz Furniture chain. Lyle also has extensive experience in marketing and media production, and in the mid-70’s was a founding partner and Studio Manager of Western Video Systems, a film and video production company headquartered in San Diego, California. Lyle was instrumental in the growth of the Company from a single camera mobile unit, into the largest video production and sound stage South of Hollywood. The facility had a 7 camera mobile studio, 80 x 100 sound stage, and complete prop, wardrobe, set construction, and post-production editing facilities. In his 15 years in the film and television industry, Lyle was involved in producing thousands of commercials, television shows and corporate training videos, including numerous Emmy award-winning productions. Lyle will provide great value to the development of the Company’s broadcast quality video and multi-media marketing materials. As a business advisor, Lyle has extensive experience in the preparation of business and marketing plans and has previously held his NASD Series 7, 63 and 24 general securities licenses, as well as Nevada Insurance and Real Estate Licenses.

  • Timothy Bybee


    Timothy Allard Bybee, Curriculum Vitae Mondweg 31/16/6 1140, Vienna, Austria +436801410304 I have been active in solar energy and waste conversion technology development, process validation and systems integration for over 25 years. I have advised numerous federal, state, and municipal agencies and governments, as well as large industrial waste generators on green infrastructure, recycling, waste conversion, and sustainable agriculture and forest restoration program design and implementation. As a green building and technology innovator and integration specialist, I now focus on integrating green buildings and infrastructure with urban farming, and green space and forest preservation. I have a broad knowledge and resource base of building integrated energy and waste conversion systems, as well as emerging green infrastructure, climate controlled food production, wasteland reclamation, and biomass conversion systems. I believe that communities can rapidly achieve carbon neutral sustainable food, water and energy independence with zero landfilled waste by integrating the world's best available solar, biomass conversion, water purification, CO2 utilization and forest/farm restoration technologies. Today, solar harvesting buildings and on-site waste-to-energy solutions can now enable energy exporting buildings and 100% recycling into green fuels, power and products. These technologies have evolved rapidly in the last decade and are now commercially proven, and highly profitable. It is my experience that removing government red-tape, and creating sustainable project financing vehicles remain the greatest obstacles to wide-spread adoption of clean, green and sustainable technologies for communities. Active Advisory Clients/Project Development Advisory Board Member for Lightwave Building Technologies Lightwave Building Technologies manufacturers a proprietary line of energy harvesting building products. The Company has developed energy harvesting windows, glass curtain walls, building panels, roofing systems, skylights, fascades, canopies and BIPV solutions that harvest nearly all solar thermal and photovoltaic energy from a buildings exterior skin, as well as waste heat from interior hot spots, such as computer server rooms, power islands and industrial thermal processes. The system also integrates a waterless total building fire suppression system. Today, building envelope products are rated for their ability to resist and slow down heat transfer between a building's interior and the exterior environment. The future of building envelopes is certain to change from slowing down heat transfer, to capturing and using all solar photovoltaic and thermal energy, as well as waste heat generated from a building's interior. Harvested thermal energy can supplement, or provide baseload power generation, HVACR, hot water production, or industrial process heating. Employment and Advisory Experience Sunbelt Energy Technologies – Co-founder/VP Sales and Marketing (1986-2002) Spear Development Company - Project Manager/Land Acquisitions Manager (1989-1991) Thomas James Associates – Registered Securities Representative (1992-1993). Created Company's first socially responsible investment screening service. WealthPlanners – Registered Securities Principal/NV Real Estate Broker (1993-1995) American Medical Care/Members Physician Care – Co-founder/Director (1994-1996) Created an affordable primary care/urgent care medical center offering its member patients discounted diagnostic services for people with no insurance and pre-existing conditions. Negotiated directly with advanced diagnostic centers to provide our patients that paid cash the same price as they charged insurance companies. This was a highly successful healthcare program in Las Vegas, Nevada. Starlight Entertainment Group – Executive Producer (1994-1996). Created prints & ads film financing platform for socially responsible films. Las Vegas Physcian & Healthcare Magazine – Advisor/Associate Editor (1997-1998) Multi-CAD Engineering – Marketing Manager (1998-2001) 2D/3D CAD software and translation services for automotive, aerospace and industrial companies. American Financial Services – Estate Planning/Family Office Advisor (2001-2002) Pacific Renewables – Co-founder/President (2002-2008) Renewable energy project developer with a focus on waste-to-resource, recycling and sustainable agroforestry. Paradise Renewables – Co-founder/President (2008-2012) Renewable energy project developer with a focus on waste-to-resource, recycling and sustainable agroforestry. Special focus on building integrated solar and biomass conversion, climate controlled greenhouse growing systems, urban farming, rural farmland/forest/wasteland restoration/preservation. Green City/Clean Industry Foundation – Co-founder/Global Project Director (2008-2012). Creator of the Green City/Clean Industry Initiative. Advisory Services to Presidents of Mongolia and Senegal, as well as numerous municipal agencies and supranational corporations. Several Resolutions were passed by the Great Khural of Mongolia (Parliament) to advance green initiatives, including clean-coal conversion. Drafted the Green City Master Plan for the City of Chengdu China in association with NEW SUN/APIS Finance Group of Vienna, Austria. Education University of Nevada, Las Vegas (1985-1989) - Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Special Focus on Economics, Environmental Science and Marketing Registered Securities Principal – USA Series 7/24/63 (expired) Nevada Real Estate Broker (expired) Nevada Life/Health/Disability Agent (expired) Personal Background/Special Skills Married 14 years to Grazyna Agata Bybee, with two boys ages 12 and 5. Living in Vienna, Austria since 2006. Speak conversional German and learning Polish. High School Senior Class President and Delegate for Dare to Dream Strive to Excel Performed on-screen in dozens of television, advocacy and corporate training films. Comfortable public speaker and organizer of numerous events and educational seminars for environmental and animal welfare issues. Experienced in film and multi-media production. Founder of SPEAK at UNLV - Students Protecting the Environment and Animal Kind (1985-1991)