This platform was live from June 2012 to January 2013 and is an example of the Crowdfunding System. Occasionally it is revived for special projects for friends of Launcht.

An iPhone Version Of A Patented Clock For Those Not Working In Direct View Of The Sun. Already Available On Android Devices.

By Jackie Landsberg

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Briefly, what are you going to do?

We are creating an iPhone version of an Android app that is used to see a patented "whole picture of time". TrueTyme is for everyone who needs to get reacquainted with the rhythms & cycles of natural time. and ebbs and flows within themselves.


- SONY Offers SmartWatch to BTP&BT4W

SONY Mobile offers BTP and BT4W a free SONY SmartWatch, and invites Yale and Jackie to 

make a TrueTyme version for it.

- Thanks Leslie of Holy Hormones!!!

Dear Leslie Carol Botha,


Yale and I want to thank you so much for not only endorsing our Better Tymes Project and my Better Tymes For Women one, but also for so prominently featuring our projects and our TrueTyme clock on your courageous and incredibly informative blog


Love, Jackie and Yale 



Primary Contact


  • Jackie Landsberg


    Those who dwell in the past shrivel. Those who work for better times blossom. Join us!



Team Members


  • Jackie Landsberg

    Better Tymes For Women, Founder

    Wife, mother, grand-mother. Keeper of the heart and Founder of Better Tymes For Women!

  • Yale S. Y. Landsberg

    Founder, The Better Tymes Proj.

    Husband, father, grand-dad. Did cool stuff when I was younger. Now un-retiring for better times.

  • John and Cathy Lynch

    Founding Supporters

    John is a world-class metaphysical painter, and Cathy is his model and also a medical technologist

  • Catherine Darrow

    Lead Designer and Programmer

    Catherine Darrow pursued her M.S. in Mathematics and then spent five years in the aerospace industry before becoming a freelance Android app developer. She is TrueTyme's lead designer and programmer, and proud of the work that has gone into it. In her free time, she enjoys playing the piano and building sprawling castles in Minecraft.

  • Cordell Klier

    Ssocial Media and Marketing

    Life and Wellness Coaching / brand consultant, graphic advertiser, sound artist, painter, writer, and creative director.